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About Wayne Watson

Do you feel you have what it takes to become a leader in your organization? Do you see other people moving ahead into management positions while you seem to be “stuck” in the lower echelons? Every organization on the planet is on the lookout for leaders in their ranks, but the really great organizations recognize that “natural leadership” can only go so far. Just like high performance athletes top executives work with coaches to hone their skills and enhance their awareness as leaders. Studies have shown that the return on investment (ROI) for companies that hire coaches is six times the cost of the coaching fees. In other words for every dollar the company invests in coaching it will see a six dollar increase in its revenue.

As a fully bilingual ( English/ French) coach I will accompany you on your journey to the executive levels of your organization from your initial promotional interview stage to your corner office. The experience I have accumulated over the years as a senior executive, a chair of executive promotional boards, a certified coach, a mentor and a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner has allowed me to assist mid-level managers and executives to recognize and reach their potential as leaders within their organizations and their personal lives.

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I am all about my clients’ success and you can’t be successful without enthusiasm. A true leader inspires people to do more and become more than they think they can be. However, before inspiring others you must have the ability to inspire yourself. I choose to work with people who are motivated to succeed in their lives.


Before any changes can take place there must be self-awareness. This is achieved through open and frank conversations, simple exercises and introspection. This is also where the “aha” moments occur. My job is to facilitate change in my clients and this requires that they be open to thinking farther down the road, where their potential lies.


Nothing great happens without enthusiasm. Believing that change is possible is the first step toward reaching any goal. People who possess a positive attitude are far more successful in their lives. They usually have more energy and are more open to embrace change.


I truly believe that if a client wishes to be successful in reaching their goal they must be committed to doing what it takes to reach it. As a coach I am fully committed to my clients’ success but, in order to get the intended results, both parties of the coaching relationship need to share the same level of engagement.

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To become more, whether it be in your professional life or your personal life, you need to know more. This is where a coach/mentor can help you shine.  The knowledge, experience and expertise of a coach/mentor can help you discover a whole new world.

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A coach /mentor can make a significant difference in creating the level of awareness needed to make the changes you seek, to help you discover the resources you require and to create the accountability that will keep you tethered to your objectives.

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